Sunday, May 18, 2008

580 again

Travelling to work last Thursday just as I rounded the corner heading to Castro Valley traffic came to a standstill. As we crept forward the cars in the two left lanes started to merge into the right lanes. I thought "oh dear an accident". I could see the CHP up ahead. When I finally got the area of trouble I found no crushed cars or broken people. If found the left two lanes of the highway littered with crushed cans and broken bottles. Like someones recycling had flown out of the back of their truck and landed on the highway and been run over by countless cars. The lone CHP officer had his car blocking two lanes of traffic and was scooping up debris with a shovel.

Next came the dead deer. Ugh! Poor thing. You would think there would be a universal deer code spoken or a sign left for them near highways. Don't cross here - those big things will kill you. Always so sad.

Then next was a broken and crushed walker up against the jersey barrier. I wondered how did the owner of said walker walk to where they needed to get to after they arrived at their destination?

It was a busy dirty day on 580.

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