Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Please let us in

OK, I can understand how disconcerting having four US warships off your coast must be. I guess it could cause you to think invasion. But really, Myanmar (or government of Myanmar, I know you read my blog) we are not interest in your oil. You don't have enough to make it worth our while to take advantage of the situation in your country to invade. And if you think about it, we can't afford to invade your country, you might be able to come here and invade us with better results right now. You have nearly 80,000 people dead and another 60,000 missing, let us deliver supplies, I promise we will go away.

There is a little known government agency that coordinates the movement of things like 4 warships with supplies for an emergency. It is called the Military Sealift Command and I worked there after school, they were my very first job. I did not last long, but they are still going strong.

So come on Than Shwe, let us drop off whatever we have on those ships. And while you are in a good mood change the name of the country back to Burma.

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