Sunday, May 4, 2008

Wedding Day

Well, yesterday one of my favorite little girls in the whole world got married. She is the daughter of a friend, the niece of my oldest friend, the smartest person I have ever met! We could not make it to the wedding and I regret that, but our hearts were there. Katie, Katie, Katie, now a married lady. We call her a brainiac - she actually studies the brain. I am thinking of giving her mine as a wedding present - could be kind of fun in the right container. No??

I remember when her mother was pregnate with her. I remember looking at her as a baby and thinking how beautiful she was. She was a cute toddler. Then I moved away and did not see her again for a long time. When I did see her again she was all grown up, had graduated from college and was off to get her master's in something I did not understand.

When we met up again it was not under the best of times, my friend, her aunt was dying and I was amazed at this young woman. She was a protector of her two younger cousins, she seemed to try and shelter them as much as possible. It was both heart breaking and breath taking to watch. At this time she also became the babysitter for my brother's kids and it gave me great joy to see that our two family's would be connected for a bit more time.

When you move across the country there are many things you miss in person. Weddings, births, celebrations, funerals, but if people are truly a part of your heart you don't need to be there in person to be there.

Katie & Doug I hope you know we were with you yesterday.

Oh and that wedding present, look for it in the mail.

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