Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Jackson Five

OK kids, put on your thinking caps and pay attention to this story.

Today Jermaine Jackson was granted a divorce from his wife. This started me thinking, I know that Jermaine was married to the ex-wife of his brother Randy, now will she marry Tito or maybe even Michael. Or now that I think of it since last Thursday's ruling maybe Janet or LaToya. I just had to research a little more into this strange family and in my usual non judgemental style, I am not making any judgements here, just observations.

I found out that Randy was married to the first Mrs. Jackson when the soon to be second Mrs. Jackson had a baby at about the same time as the 1st Mrs. Jackson. Now the good thing was both babies had the same daddy.

So the 2nd Mrs. Jackson then divorces Randy and becomes impregnated by his brother Jermaine and she then become the 3rd Mrs. Jackson for Jermaine. Well, actually would she be considered the 2nd Mrs. Jermaine, since the second marriage for Jermaine was a common law one. Hmmm...

Of course my in depth research led me to the names of the Jackson children.

For Jermaine with all the various Mrs.'s there is: Jermaine, Jr., Autumn, Jeremy, Jaimy, Jourdyn, Jaffar and Jermajesty. Yes, Jermajesty? Then there is Dawn, whose mother is unknown. What a little basket showed up on the doorstep with a note "I belong to Jermaine"?

For Tito only 1 ex missus:

Toriano Adaryll, Taryll Arden and Tito Joseph

For Randy:

Steveanna born the same year as her half sister Genevieve

Just as a side note: Randy escaped death twice and saved sister Latoya from her abusive husband. Then spent time in the pokey for spousal abuse.

Then there is Michael:

Paris Kathrine, Prince Michael and Prince Michael II

No wonder Latoya and Janet have not popped any out, who can compete with these names.

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