Saturday, May 10, 2008

And baby makes 20!

I blogged about this family last year and I read about them again today and thought the same things.  WTF?  On August 2nd of last year Michelle Duggar gave birth to her 17th child.  She and her husband have just announced that they are expecting cute little bundle of joy number 18 sometime around January.  They say they will keep having puppies, I mean babies, as long as God wills it.

I just do not get it.  How do they afford it?  How do they remember all those names?  How do you make each and every one of them feel special?  How do you remember what their favorite color is or what they like to eat?  How do you feed them all?

We are currently visiting the Mommy Dearest and the Colonel & Co. in North Carolina.  We went to a carnival last night and I was struck by how many young and I mean YOUNG people were walking around with not only one baby, but some had multiple children.  Yes, I may be getting older and everyone seems young, but some of these were really young.  I wonder how they do it?  Why they do it?  I know that a young Marine does not make enough money to support a family that include 3 or 4 young little kids.  Do they plan to have so many children or is it just what happens if you don't know any better or do you believe as the Duggar's that you should keep having them as long as God gives them to you.  

Seems the search for God, the lack of God, questions of God or just God in general has been the topic of a few of my posts lately.  I guess a lot of it goes to what I search for in a god.  Guess I just have to keep looking for the one that tells me what I want to hear.

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