Thursday, July 31, 2008

How and Who?

How did Beijing get the Olympics? Oh, I know the Olympic Committee.., cities throw lavish parties to get attention on how wonderful they would be as hosts..., some people we don't know vote..., a decision is made a few years in advance.

I look at the pictures of Beijing and think, who in their right mind voted for them? At first I was outraged due to China's wonderful human rights record. Then I started to look at the pictures coming in from China. They have done a lot of construction in a very short period of time. The pictures of the main stadium show an awsome arena. This leads me to wonder how safe are things? They don't have a great record regarding building safe and secure buildings and in such a short period of time...

The other thing I keep seeing is SMOG. How can world class athletes compete in that? When I see people with masks on walking around to get to work I think how is someone going to run in that? How much damage is that air going to inflict on a runner?

When I found out the Olympics were going to be held in China I decided I was not going to watch them. Do my little part to show my displeasure, I know how big an impact that can make...

However, now as they draw closer I wonder who is this going to hurt? Not the giant government of China that is going to block internet access or the giant TV companies covering the event, or the advertisers of products that I don't buy anyway. Will it hurt the athletes that won't even know I did not watch? Will it only hurt me because I like watching the Olympics. I feel a pride when I see the opening ceremonies and the US team comes in in their usually ugly outfits made in Canada. But then, will I even be able to see them thru the SMOG?

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katie said...

amen. someone forgot about that old thing called "logic" when they decided to host in china.