Tuesday, October 12, 2010

580 Ride

On 580 they are building new sound walls thru Oakland and San Leandro. Big giant walls of concrete block and in some places big walls of glass. During the building process they have covered everything they build with black plastic - kind of like a Christo installation, but not even pretty.

It is to protect it all from graffiti, that's right. As soon as they get a bit built it gets tagged, so they cover it up.

Which leads me to the question. Will they just leave the plastic up forever or once they get finished they don't really care if it gets tagged?

I will admit that the building of these walls does make me feel a bit like a hamster in a habitrail.

Today's bumper sticker: Remember who you always wanted to be

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Anonymous said...

Its me, DrDyke. I've actually wondered why there wasn't more tagging on existing sound walls. I've come to the conclusion that, once the wall is complete, the access to the highway side of the wall isn't as easy as when it's being built. Time will tell...
In the meantime, I forgot my Google password. It sucks getting old.