Sunday, October 10, 2010

Red, White and BLUE

This weekend is Fleet Week here in the Bay Area. I spent yesterday in the city and had high hopes of catching the air show which features my favorite tax expenditure - The Blue Angels.

With my beloved out of town on business, I ended up at Annesky and Suzettsky's house in the backyard while the Angels flew overhead and I mean OVERHEAD!!!! I was standing on a bench on their back deck when one flew right over me! I really think if I had had my arms up in the air I could have touched it or if I was a couple of inches taller I would have been sucked up into the jet engine. I screamed with joy.

When I came home and got on facebook I came across this posting by my Rhode Island sister about Marines. While I wish with all my heart that a military is not necessary, I realize that it is and I agree with RI sister that proud does not describe how I feel about my brother, the Colonel, and his service to our country. Now our nephew is going to college on a MROTC scholarship and will come out the other end as a Marine in a few years, the pride will continue for many more years to come.

This posting from my sister sings about the "Devil Dogs" a Marine nickname. This past summer my nephew and I took a trip to France and the one place he wanted to visit was Belleau Wood, about an hour outside of Paris. This area was the location of the battles during WWI where the Marines earned this nickname from the Germans because they just would not give up. To see a field covered in barley that during these battles was covered in bodies brought tears to my eyes. Seeing my nephew so interested in this history brought joy to me for his interest in this history. Knowing that in a few years he may be putting his life on the line in a field somewhere brought tears and fear to my very soul.

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