Monday, October 25, 2010

Eating in Sante Fe

OK, so I am going to let all of my tens of thousands of readers in on a little secret. If you are ever in Sante Fe go to the Chocolate Maven for breakfast. It is a bakery that also serves breakfast/brunch on the weekends, not sure about during the week. They open at 9:00 get there early, there will be a line. Don't let the location scare you off and ask for a table downstairs where you can watch the bakers in action. We sat right next to the window and watched the baker make almond croissants and pain au chocolate.

I had the tofu scramble with veggie sausage and my travelling companion had the breakfast burrito. It was fantastic!

In fact it was so good that we went back the next morning for a follow up visit. Just as yummy!!

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