Saturday, November 1, 2008

Hilter and Prop 8?

Reading this mornings Chronicle has made me physically sick.  The arguments from supporters of prop 8 have finally made me afraid.  At a recent "Yes on 8" rally a man named Brad Dacus of something called The Pacific Justice Institute (justice, for whom, I ask) told the crowd that the fight for prop 8 was like the battle against Hitler and urged the crowd not to stand quietly and accept what happened as the Germans did. 

What does that mean?  As far as I can tell the Germans and it seems most of the rest of the world stood by and in some instances participated in, by means of ignoring what what happening, the extermination of not just jews, but the mentally ill, the handicapped, Jevohovah's Witnesses, the Gypsies, the Polish and let us not forget the homosexual.

Nazi Germany started by taking away property, then rights, then dignity, then lives.  Is this what Mr. Dacus means?  Write into the constitution discrimination against one group?  Then lets carry that one step further and take away something else, cause "they" don't deserve to own a home, or have other property, or a job, or a bank account?  Is this what you mean Mr. Dacus?

Most gay men and women I know are out in some way.  Out to our family, friends, neighbors, co-workers.  Due to the internet, causes we give money to, organizations we belong to, places we go can all be easily found.  Would you like our friends, our neighbors, our co-workers to give you our names.  Will you make them afraid that if they don't turn on us that they will be next?  Will this make it easier for you, Mr. Dacus to track us down and slap pink triangles on us and take away our homes, our jobs, our children because you don't consider us "human" enough to have the same things you have and want? 

To those of you that support prop 8 keep in mind you could be next.  Take a good look at your own life and wonder what could happen in a future where rights are taken away because you don't fit someones idea of what is correct and good.  Do you take an anti-depressant?  Does your kid suffer from ADD and take medication?  Can you not have a child?    In Hitler's world all of these and so many more things could have gotten you a one way trip to a death camp and it all started with taking away a right!

I am no longer afraid, I am pissed off.  So Mr. Dacus tattoo a fucking pink triangle on my forehead and keep trying to make us citizens, but not equal under the law.  We won't stand quietly and accept what is happening.  We will go kicking and screaming into the future and in the end, in the perfect world we all long for, we will be able to love, honor and cherish whomever we want.

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