Monday, November 10, 2008


I don't even remember where I was when I overheard this.  It was someplace where I could not see who was talking.  Maybe at the movies, yeah, I think so.  Two women were sitting behind me discussing Thanksgiving plans.

One said her mother really wanted to visit her sisters and wanted the woman speaking and her sister along with their spouses to go as well.  I don't know where they were going but it would require a long drive.  Her sister had suggested that the woman speaking and her husband ride to t-day with she and her husband in their RV.  Sounds like a plan.  The woman speaking did not seem to thrilled:

"Imagine being stuck with my sister in a RV for a week.  Travel time up and back.  You know they had to buy a special re-inforced RV because my sister is so fat."

At that point I thought - imagine the poor sister being stuck with you.

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