Sunday, November 16, 2008

Prop H8 demonstration

On my way to the demonstration I sat with a mother.  She was also the Fremont president of PFLAG.  She was on her way to Oakland to join a demonstration there.  He son is 47 and lives in the City.  She told me the story of how he came out to her and her own struggle to accept and let him be him.  He told her that he was the same person he was before he told her he was gay, she just knew one more thing about him.

We stood in front of the beautiful San Francisco City Hall on a beautiful day.  Thousands of people.  Gay, Straight, young, old, babies.  They did not have a real good sound system and we had some trouble hearing some of the speakers.  But you could hear the crowd.  Mark Leno spoke, I always like hearing him speak, wish I could have heard him better.

There were lots of great signs.  Lots of t-shirts with great slogans.  

We stood for a couple of hours before leaving.  I actually felt good that I had come, but wondered what will happen next?

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