Friday, November 14, 2008

Shut the Fuck Up!

Listening to Cake the other night, they have a song that says:

Just Shut the Fuck Up.  

And it just made me think about something I heard that supporters of Prop H8 have said.  We had an election.  The people of California have spoken.  They do not want gay marriage.  Let it go.

Shut the Fuck Up.

What about that damn Prop 4.  Trying to make young girls tell their parents before they can get an abortion.  This is the 4th time something along these lines has been on the ballot.  

I got news for you.  The people of California have spoken, we don't want this.  Let it go.

Stop using arguments against us that you don't pay attention to when you don't like the results.

Shut the Fuck Up.

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