Sunday, November 16, 2008


On Bart, Saturday on the way to the march on Prop H8.

Father to daughter while watching a small child just learning to walk trying to walk around the train.

Dad:  I miss that stage of parenthood.  I can't wait until you kids have kids.  Of course, there is no hurry on that.

Daughter totally grossed out:  Dad!  I'm thirteen.  Stop talking like that.

A muni driver on his way to work got on at Castro Valley.  He carried a briefcase.  I wondered what did he carry in that case?  His lunch?  A book to read while at lunch?  A map, not a happy thought.  Anyway, about 10 minutes after he got on he and a woman noticed each other.  They seemed to have known each other in the past and had friends in common.  He said to her:  How is your sister?  She said:  Which one?  He said:  Tina.  She said:  Tina?  Tina is dead.

Oh crap is what went thru my head.

Sometimes you overhear things that you don't even understand.  

A woman sat next to me.  A friend of her's got on a couple stops after her and sat across from her.  When the person across from me got up the second woman moved over to her seat against the window.   The woman next to me said what I believe was:

first woman:  hey, I can see your underwear.  

Now, I know this because I could see her underwear.

second woman:  Are you sure?  What color are they?

first woman:  white.

second woman:  oh.

and closed her legs and put her jacket in her lap.

Now, they were not speaking English and I really do not know what they said, but that is what it sounded like to me.

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