Friday, February 15, 2013

Do Ducks get cold?

OK, this is still Paris stuff, but not what we have done, just some observations that I did not think belonged in my regular blog postings of Paris.

First of all girls, not many of us look really good from any angle in those tight leggings as pants. Stop wearing them.

Next the shorts and stocking craze that we have noticed here, is stupid. Looks really bad and it is fucking cold out. Put some pants on and not the legging kind mentioned above.

Who knew Buddy Hackett is worshipped here?

People, people, people - look up from your phones. Not only are the sidewalks here narrow and full of dips and loose pieces, there are other people in the world that are sick of bumping into you.

Hey all you people taking pictures with your iPad, get the connector for your camera. You look really dopey.

Do ducks get cold?

Sometimes I just have to say things out loud.

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