Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Paris Day 5

Today we started our day by returning to Notre Dame to get some of those commemorative coins that seem to be for sale in every large cathedral around. Notre Dame is no exception, she is celebrating her 850th birthday. They have removed all but one of the bells from her towers and melted them down and re-cast them into 8 new smaller bells that will join the remaining original bell. This will make nine bells in all, which was the original number in the church.

My favorite was the bells with keys on it. There are a couple of pictures below.

What we did not see was the women that were protesting the church, celebrating the retirement of the pope and the fact that the French government has just voted to legalize gay marriage (it still has to go before the senate) but survey says it is going to happen. They protested/celebrated by stripping down to panties inside Notre Dame and pounding on the new bells. I have also included a picture below of this. They were arrested outside and I have to wonder what happened to the clothes?

We ran into some kind of costume parade. First we noticed a boy in a tuxedo and a girl with a face mask. Then we stumbled upon and Indian with a full head dress, then a girl that looked like a toilet and then an entire group of kids in all kinds of costumes, we don't know what it was about, but it was fun.

Then we found penguins in Paris. Yes who knew?

We then walked to Rue Clec and bought some shoes at the Mephisto store, the finest walking shoes made. Or so they say. So we each find some shoes we like and I whip out my HSBC card to pay for them. Now keep in mind that we contacted HSBC to tell them we would be travelling in France from this date to that date. Our purchase is declined. Not happy. We were able to get them with another card, but really... We follow the rules and you decline our purchase? So when we get back to our apartment I look at my email and I have a message from them saying there has been some activity on my account and to please call them ASAP. So we do. Well, there has been some purchases that we need to clarify. Did you make this purchase? Is it in France? Yes and yes. Oh OK. You are all set now. I want to run out and purchase something big just to test them.

Anyway, then we mosied to the Eiffel Tower, the line was long. Surprising to me for February, but then I realized they only had one leg open. They seem to be doing work on the other ones and they are putting some sort of solar on the tower??? So we looked at each other and said "been up there before" and continue on our way.

We ended up at Angelina's where today there was no line. So we walked right it and were seated right away and ordered our chocolate chaud and a treat. It was yummy. They bring you the chocolate in a pitcher with a little side cup filled with cream. Again yummy.

We sat next to a table of four Japanese girls and man do I wish I could have understood what they were saying. One of them started to cry, the other three got her calmed down and then one of them started going and then the original one started up again. Geez it was painful to watch girls cry while trying not to ruin their makeup.

We walked home and it was not as cold as the afternoon, seems the wind dies down or something in the evening. We walked past the Hotel de Ville and they have little sparkly lights on the roof. They twinkle, it was lovely.

Finally home after a long day of walking. Tomorrow is museum day!!!

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Anonymous said...

Another lovely day in Paradise. Happy Ash Wednesday - are you giving anything up for Lent? As always, I will try to stop swearing so much. I think I'm getting better at it (not swearing) but I doubt my wife thinks so...Oh well, at least I'm trying. Looking forward to hearing about the museums tomorrow. XX ~SMEG