Thursday, February 7, 2013

To drive or not to drive

At the airport and waiting for our flight to Paris. Me and my beloved for 10 days in my favorite city.

Before I leave I have to blog about something I saw twice in the last two days.

The Google self driving car. I saw what I am assuming were two different cars. Once on the way to work and once on the way home.

I understand the concept of the self driving car. It has some kind of thing on the top of the car that spins that must communicate with a sattelite. It has all kinds of sensors so it can tell where it is in relation to other cars and I am assuming people.

They both had humans sitting in the drivers seat, but what do they do? I'm thinking that you can't text or talk on the phone because even though you are not driving you are in the drivers seat? I guess you could paint your nails or organize your purse. Or in the case of the man I saw driving a non self driving car the day prior, you could be reading a book.

I wonder about how does it park? I know they have cars that can park themselves, but my question is how does the self driving car know where you want to park. Do you enter a parking lot and then take control?

Yes, I also understand the concept of how it knows where you are going. Put into google maps and get the directions, but we have all had the experience of those maps being a little off? What happens if your route is blocked by construction or an accident?

Does there have to be a person in the drivers seat? I'm assuming in case something weird happens and human intervention is needed.

And another thing, how do you stop wanting to step on the brake or take a different route? Who gets to yell at the stupid driver in front of you?

I think the self driving car should come with a big speaker and a bunch of pre-recorded phrases and they should be in a funny voice. Maybe you could choose the voice depending on your attitude that day.

I also wonder how much longer before you hear this from your car:

No, Margaret we are not going that way. There will be no stops between here and there, so hope you did not drink too much coffee this morning. Buckle up!

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