Friday, February 15, 2013

Paris Day 8

Today we visited what I think is one of the most beautiful churches in the world. St. Chappel. The mother load for a glass girl like me. They are in the process of restoring some of the glass in this wonderful place. I could go on and on and on about the process and about the glass in general, but I will save you that and just show you some pictures of the place Louie the 9th built to house his relics on his way to becoming a saint.

If I had a comfy chair I could sit in this magical place for hours and watch glass change as the sun moves around the building.

We also did a little wandering, the best thing to do in Paris and noticed the water level in the Seine is falling.

Then off to a piano concert in a little tiny theatre just a few doorways down from us. I had looked on line to see what was going on and found mention of this place, the time worked and we were treated to some lovely music. The theatre was done in all red, except the curtain behind the stage which was black. Otherwise red walls, red seats, red carpet. Even the girl that sold the tickets was dressed in red. It had about 45 seats and about 15 people in the audience. I did mention to my beloved that I half expected to see Antonio Banderas walk out on stage. Yes, she looked at me just the way you are right now. Interview with a Vampire??? Paris???

Anyway, the girl that sells the tickets is also the one to tell you to make sure that your cell phones are turned off. Why is there always one....

My beloved got me a new camera prior to this trip. My last one that I got in Asia was taking blue pictures and not because I wanted it to. Anyway, this new one has a lot of bells and whistles and a zoom that it great. One of the features is that you can select to shoot your picture as a painting or a watercolor or an illustration among others. I share a couple of them below. Same scene, just a different settings. Crazy I tell you.

Thanks beloved.

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