Thursday, February 14, 2013

Paris Day 7

Today we woke to rain, real rain. Not the morning drizzle of the past few days. We hung around and went to a place I had not been in a very long time The Carnelvalet - a museum of the history of Paris. It starts in the Middle Ages and ends after the revolution. It is an interesting place, it is full of everyday things like signs from businesses. Since most people did not read, pictures were necessary to find what you were looking for. The big scissors below are not for your local hair dresser, but for a tailor.

The next picture is from a modern day sign. It is actually for a Thai restaurant, not a place that sells elephants.

The museum is in two large hotels (homes of the rich) joined together to create a very large space. I found it interesting that the flow of the museum brings you thru the beautiful public areas of what were the homes, in these areas are the recreation of beautiful rooms from other buildings, lovely chandeliers and artifacts from the everyday life of the privileged few. Then you are brought up to the revolution area, on the top floor up a plain wooden staircase to rooms that are low ceilinged and just not quite as nice.

On our walk back we went by a shop that sells only eclairs. That is all. Not just your run of the mill eclair but beautiful works of art.

So now we are home waiting to get ready to go out for a valentine's dinner on the same boat we took on my birthday trip here. I am looking forward to once more being under the Eiffel Tower at midnight as it twinkles.

PS, I think my days are messed up. C'est la vive

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Anonymous said...

Happy St. Valentine's Day to you and your Beloved from me and my Anne Darling. Your evening sounds perfect! I'm preparing dinner (lobsters) for A.D. A special treat for the New Englander! Thinking of you - can't wait to hear about your next day. ~S