Sunday, February 10, 2013

Digital pictures to iPad journey

While this post deals with Paris, it is not about Paris. It is about the painful process of getting my digital pictures from my new camera onto my ipad where I can post them as I blog. The first thing to say is that I am not sure yet, how to get the pictures to appear where I want them to in the blog entry. You will be able to see when I get that figured out.

What you won't see is the fucked up process to get them on the ipad in the first place.

A couple of days before we left I looked over at my beloved and said, how do you think we get pictures from our camera's to our ipads? Hmm, we both said.

I looked on the internet and there is a device that plugs into your ipad and you can either connect your camera via usb connection or another one that allows you to pop your sd card from your camera into it and magic happens.

Well... magic did NOT happen for me. I took a bunch of pictures and then sat down last night to upload said pictures and when I plugged my camera in, I got the message that the attached device requires too much power.

OK, so then I pop the card out of the camera and into the other device and guess what? It can't read the card. What??

We plug in my beloved's card and it works???


Then I take a couple of pictures with her card and magic does happen. It can see my pictures on her card. OK, look at the instruction booklet. There is some kind of software you can load on a WINDOWS pc to download the pictures. What???

So, we look at the pc sitting on the table in the apartment and try to download the software. The PC is a VISTA (kill me) and so slow that patience was a very good thing to have. We could not download the software, but to make a long story short my beloved was finally able to get the pc to see my card using another little device she had. She was able to copy them to the hard drive, then over to a thumb drive I had AND up to Shutterfly, where I was able to download them to my ipad.

Then we formatted the 32gig card and took a couple of pictures with my camera and they were able to be uploaded using the little apple device. We formatted the 64gig card and took a couple of pictures and they would NOT load? Weird??

So, I'll be using the 32gig card and just to be safe I took a couple of pictures this morning and tried it again and it worked like a charm.

Perseverance or OCD as my beloved called it, payed off. Thanks honey.


Anonymous said...

Sweet Jesus! God love the two of you. If it were me...there'd be no photos posted! Thank you (both) for being so diligent. Oh - LOVE the photos!! ~S

Anonymous said...

And I'd just be taking bad pics w/ the ipad.

Emmett and Riley said...

I've read that 64 gig cards are kinda flaky. Stick with 32G or smaller. You don't need that much memory unless you're going to take 5000 photos.